Odisha Govt Introduces New Amnesty Scheme For Unauthorised Constructions


Bhubaneswar: The Odisha government has introduced a noble scheme for regularisation of unauthorised constructions under Amnesty scheme.

The regularisation of unauthorised constructions scheme-2019 has been simplified to attract applicants and it will be effective for six months, according to a press release issued by the Information and Public Relation Department.

The new scheme has incorporated a number of provisions relating to setbacks, parking and compounding charges of both high rise and non-high rise buildings located in residential as well as non-residential areas in the state.

The press note said the Amnesty scheme which was introduced earlier had the provision that owners of apartments or buildings had to leave two-thirds of space for approval. But, the latest scheme lays down that the owner of the structure should have at least 1.5 metres setback on all sides for non-high rise buildings which have less than 15 metres of height.

According to the new provision, the buildings with a height of over 15 metres but less than 18 metres, the setback provision is fixed at 1.5 metres on all sides and minimum 4.5 metres setback at least on any two sides except the front side.

The buildings with a height above 21 metres will have to leave six metres of setback on all sides, the release said.

According to the scheme, the Parking Deficit charges per square metre is Rs 10,000 for residential and non-residential areas in Municipal Corporation.

In case of municipality, the charge is fixed at Rs 8000. The charges are respectively Rs 6000 and Rs 5000 for NAC and rural regions.

The Compounding Fee for square metre of built-up area as per regularisation scheme-2019 is Rs 250 for residential area and Rs 500 for non-residential areas, the release further said.

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