Odisha Government To Opt For Premature Retirement Scheme Of Public Servants


Bhubaneswar: Odisha government will now follow the Centre’s premature retirement scheme in order to weed out inefficient and corrupt officials.

Besides, General Administration secretary Sanjeev Chopra on Tuesday also issued a circular to all secretaries directing them that the new rule will be applicable for government employees who have completed 30 years of service or attained 50 years of age (whichever is earlier) and those who have attained 55 years.

Those in this category found ineligible to continue in service would be offered premature retirement.

This is part of a periodic review that we are undertaking in which employees whose performance is not up to the mark or have disciplinary issues will be offered premature retirement.

The circular further said that this superseded a previous circular by GA & PG Department and was delivered on basis of ‘judicial pronouncements’ . It also said that employees need to undergo reviews in a three-month interval as per Clause (A) of Rule 71 of Odisha Service code- on basis of which the decision for premature retirement can be taken.

Group-A and Group-B officers will be reviewed by Review Committee on March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31. Similarly, Group-C and Group-D employees shall be reviewed on June 30 and December 31.


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