Odisha Government Launches ‘BLUIS’ To Prevent Land Encroachment In Bhubaneswar


Bhubaneswar: Taking the 5T  (Technology, Transparency, Teamwork and Time Leading to Transformation) charter forward the government of Odisha has launched a new technology to prevent unauthorized encroachment on government land.

The new technology is named ‘BLUIS’ and stands for ‘Bhubaneswar Land Use Intelligent System’ this has been launched by the Odisha government to put a check on the increasing number of land grabbing incidents.

BLUIS is the flagship development of GA & PG Dept under which a web and mobile-based solution has been developed to monitor changes in all government lands in Bhubaneswar by leveraging high resolution satellite imagery, thus making Odisha the first state in the country to tap space technology and Artificial Intelligence for safeguarding government lands.

BLUIS is a geo-tagged repository of all the government lands in Bhubaneswar, created through high resolution satellite imagery to detect all changes taking place on government lands. The mobile app also enables crowd sourcing cases of unauthorised land use and can also be used by citizens to report any unauthorised development taking place over geo-tagged government lands.

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