Odisha Constitutes System For Award Of DG’s Disc To Prison Personnel


Bhubaneswar: The Odisha government has instituted a system of award of DG’s disc to the prison personnel in various ranks, who have rendered spectacular meritorious service, not exceeding 20 in number in a year.

These discs shall be awarded by the Director General of Prisons & Director of Correctional Services, Odisha to Prison personnel every year and to allow the same to be awarded anytime during the year as and when an exceptional performance comes to light.

The DG’s Discs shall be awarded irrespective of the cash or other awards/rewards given to a person in the same year.

The decision to award the DG’s Disc will be taken by the Director General of Prisons & Director of Correctional Services, Odisha. Details of the spectacular meritorious service shall be reduced in writing and shall be certified by a Prison Officer, who has the direct knowledge of the rendering of such service. Such certificate shall also be counter signed by a superior Prison Officer.

Where a person, selected for DG’s Disc, is subsequently suspended/ proceeded against for any misconduct/anything adverse comes to the notice, before receiving the Disc, will be debarred from receipt of the Disc.

The D.G. of Prisons and DCS, Odisha, who will be in over-all charge of implementation of this scheme of award of Disc may issue supplemental instructions, as and when required under intimation to Home Department, to fascilitate smooth and orderly implementation of the scheme.

The DG’s Disc to be awarded shall be made of German Silver. The sample DG’s Disc recommended by the State Prison Head Quarter shall be finalised after approval of the Government. The expenditure incurred for the award of DG’s Disc will be met from the existing budget provision under the unit Other Contingency.

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