Odisha CM Mohan Majhi On ‘Mission Mode’ Since Oath-Taking

Hearing of people's grievances with review at administrative level, State Guest House remains crowded.

Bhubaneswar: A few days have passed since the formation of the first BJP government in Odisha and Chief Minister Mohan Majhi has been working in mission mode ever since he took oath. It is seen that the Chief Minister has been working till late at night for the last two or three days.

The State Guest House is now functioning as the Chief Minister’s Office and grievance cell. The Chief Minister is meeting the common people apart from holding review meetings with the officials.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Minister KV Singh Deo and Pravati Parida are holding discussions with the cabinet members.

Apart from receiving greetings from people and hearing their grievances, the Odisha CM is also asking them to rest assured that their problems will be solved soon.

A unique change has been observed after the formation of the BJP government in the state as Chief Minister Mohan Majhi continues to work in his style by directly meeting grassroots people and listening to their complaints.

Only 4 days have passed since the Chief Minister took oath. On these four days, the Chief Minister is seen working in the guest house till very late at night. While the Chief Minister’s work starts at 10:30 in the morning, his temporary office in Guest House remains busy till 12:30 in the night.

Even on Sunday, a holiday, the State Guest House remained crowded with scores of people from different regions thronging to meet the new Chief Minister of Odisha.

CM Majhi met with a group of computer teachers. Among them was Arjun Nayak, a specially-abled individual who had lost one of his legs in an accident. After hearing about Arjun’s challenges, CM Majhi expressed sympathy for his loss and encouraged him not to lose patience. Additionally, CM Majhi offered Arjun a glass of water and kindly helped him drink. Touched by CM Majhi’s compassion, Arjun was unable to contain his tears of joy. He left the CM’s office feeling hopeful and uplifted.

Earlier today, the Chief Minister had asked the district administration of Bhadrak to provide immediate health assistance to an ailing boy from Bhadrak, Babuli Barik. He has also directed to provide the family with immediate assistance of Rs 30,000 from the CMRF. The Chief Minister was informed about the poor boy’s problem from various social media channels and other media sources.

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