Odisha CM Lays Foundation For Sivaji Patnaik Smruti Plaza In Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: On the occasion of the first death anniversary of veteran communist leader, Lt. Sivaji Patnaik, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Tuesday laid the foundation of the Sivaji Patnaik Smruti Plaza, to be set up by Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA).

The chief minister laid the foundation stone by pressing the button at 6 pm in the presence of senior BDA officials. The inauguration ceremony witnessed the presence of various dignitaries, party members of CPI (M), and admirers of Sivaji Patnaik.

Spread over 615 sqm near CPI (M) office at Pal Heights, Jaydev Vihar, Bhubaneswar, the plaza, aims to honour and celebrate the remarkable contributions made by Sivaji Patnaik towards the advancement of the working-class upliftment. The initiative seeks to preserve his legacy and inspire future generations to uphold his values and principles.

Situated in a busy commercial area, the design of the plaza is such that it shall not only pay homage to the humanitarian hero but also give back the neglected public space or urban void into a vibrant public space. It will house a variety of features and facilities, a movement corridor and interactive displays showcasing Sivaji Patnaik’s life, achievements, and his profound impact on the Kisan Movement, Khet Majdoor Union, Trade Union movement in the state and his noteworthy deeds for the betterment of society. 70% area is designed as true earth (unpaved) on all the peripheral edges around main congregation spaces with a larger goal towards green living.

The Bhubaneswar Development Authority has been entrusted with the responsibility of designing and constructing the plaza while ensuring its architectural harmony with the surrounding environment. The development is aimed at creating a serene and reflective space that invites visitors to learn, reflect, and draw inspiration from the struggles and triumphs of Sivaji Patnaik’s journey. As the foundation stone is laid for the Sivaji Patnaik Memorial Plaza, the legacy of Lt. Sivaji Patnaik is set to be immortalized, ensuring that his contributions and sacrifices continue to inspire generations to come.

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