Odisha Budget 2020-21 highlights


Bhubaneswar: The Odisha Budget 2020-21, which has been termed as “The Green Budget” – a paperless budget presentation- and a true transformation using technology under 5-T, has been pegged at Rs 1.50 lakh crore.

Here are the highlights of the Odisha Budget 2020-21 presented by the Finance Minister Niranjan Pujari in the Odisha Assembly on Tuesday.

  1. When Hon’ble CM Shri. Naveen Patnaik took oath as Chief Minister for first time in 2000, the Budget was 11,800 Crores. Today the Budget for 2020-21 is Rs. 1,50,000 Crores. It has increased by almost 13 times and 1200% increase. This is the New Odisha.
  2. Capital Outlay in 2000 was Rs. 799 Crores which has increased to 26500 Crores, an increase of almost by 33 times and 3200%.
  3. Agriculture – budget was Rs.7000 Crores in 2013-14 while in 2020-21 it is Rs.19408 Crores an increase of about 3 times and 180%
  4. MLA-LAD tripled from 1 Crore to 3 Crores
  5. Budget for Tourism, Industry, Forest and I.T. has been doubled
  6. Allotment to OUAT, Bhubaneswar for research and infrastructure increased by five times
  7. Odisha’s projected growth Rate of 6.16% is higher than 5% of National growth rate. Target growth rate for the year 2020-21 is 7.8%.
  8. Odisha’s agricultural growth rate of 4.5% is higher than 3.1% of National agricultural growth rate.
  9. This is a revenue surplus budget.
  10. Thrust on – Child Budget, Nutrition Budget and Gender Budget.
  11. Nutrition Budget – The first state in India to do it.

The Parivartan (Decentralized Governance, Grassroot Empowerment)

  1. MLALAD has been tripled to 3 Crores
  2. While MPLAD was earlier Rs. 2 Crores and it is now is at Rs. 5 Crores the MLA-LAD which was in 1999 only Rs.15 lakhs per MLA has massively risen to Rs. 3 Crores.
  3. While an MP has a total of 5 crores for his/her 7 MLA constituencies in the MP constituency, the MLAs in the MP’s 7 constituencies have cumulatively 21 crores. This is four times higher than the MPLAD cumulatively.
  4. 7000 Crores being given directly to Panchayats and Urban Local Bodies as per the Finance Commission Award.
  5. This is empowerment of People’s Representatives

Massive Development Of Iconic Sites With Tourism Potential In Odisha

  1. Puri to get Rs.3208 Crores under ABADHA in three years. For 2020-21, it is Rs.700 Crores.
  2. Ekamra Kshetra to get Rs. 150 Crores.
  3. Focussed development for-
  4. Cuttack decongestion and 6-lane ring road.
  5. Samaleswari Temple Development.
  • Hirakud Dam Tourist Development.
  1. Bhitarkanika and Talsari develop pment. Other iconic sites to be also developed.


  1. Agriculture Budget 2013-14 As Compared To 2020-21
  • In 2013-14, the agriculture budget was Rs.7000 Crores in 2013-14 while in 2020-21 it is Rs.19408 Crores an increase of about 3 times and 180%.
  1. KALIA Yojana:
  • Kalia is the biggest ever individual beneficiary scheme in the history of Odisha.
  • Biggest allocation for those who provide food
  • Highest direct money transfer scheme to beneficiaries in history of Odisha.
  1. Hon’ble CM Shri. Naveen Patnaik had committed that not one eligible farmer will be left out of the Kalia Yojana. He has kept his commitment in letter and spirit.
  2. Till date 5115 crores have been transferred in KALIA to 43 lakh farmers.
  3. In 2021, 3195 crores would be transferred to farmers. This is because Shri. Naveen Patnaik was, is and always will be for the welfare and development of farmers.
  4. OUAT, Bhubaneswar – Agriculture Research
  5. Allocation increased by five times for OUAT research and infrastructure development
  6. It is Hon’ble CM’s dream to see OUAT become a Center of Excellence with global benchmarks in quality. For this 150 crores have been provided.
  7. Irrigation
  8. In-stream barrages to be built with 12000 crore in 5 years. Rs.1100 Crores allocated for this year.
  9. All irrigation projects pending for some time would be taken up for expeditious completion this year with an allocation of Rs.1181 Crores.
  10. Mega-lift irrigation projects allocated Rs.540 crores.
  11. Roof-top rain water harvesting projects allocated Rs. 35 crores.
  12. All ongoing projects will be completed.
  • Hon’ble CM committed Zero Percent Interest for loans to farmers and delivered. His Work Speaks and does his Commitment.
  1. A massive Rs. 43282 crores for agricultural credit to be provided in 2020- 21
  2. An increase of 200% allocation to Rs. 705 crores as interest subvention to provide farmers with Zero percent interest loans
  3. Chief minister’s award for champion banks providing priority lending to Farmers, Women SHGs and Small Entrepreneurs:
    • Any bank that supports these groups, State Government will recognize and reward them.
  4. Priority sector lending for farmers, Women SHGs and small entrepreneurs is not very encouraging through Banks due to lack of interest by Banks.
  5. Therefore, Hon’ble CM institutes the Chief Minister’s award for Champion Banks with a specific mandate –
  6. Chief Minister’s award for Champion Bank for the cause of farmers
  7. Chief Minister’s award for Champion Bank for the cause of Women SHGs
  • Chief Minister’s award for Champion Bank for the cause of Small Entrepreneurs
  1. c) A Pro-farmer, Pro-Women, Pro-Poor initiative
  2. Animal Husbandry And Fishery
  3. An increase of a record 35% allocation totaling to Rs. 1211 Crores.
  4. Hon’ble CM’s commitment to making a Center of Excellence in Veterinary Science with an allocation of Rs.10 crores
  5. Crop Insurance
  6. 700 Crores Allocated for 2020-21.


  1. Health Budget Doubled In Five Years
  • Increased to a record of Rs.7700 Crores
  1. 2. Biju Swasthya KalyanYojana (Universal Health Assurance Scheme)

Only universal health assurance scheme.

  • Increased to Rs. 1108 Crores, with assurance of Rs. 10 lakhs for women and 5 lakhs for men
  1. Mukhya Mantri Swasthya Seva Mission
  • An allocation of Rs.578 Crores.
  1. SCB Medical, Cuttack
  • SCB Medical, Cuttack provided an allocation of Rs. 1000 Crores to transforming it as an AIIMS-plus Hospital and Medical College
  1. Massive Recruitment Of Doctors, Nurses And Paramedics
  • Recruitment of additional 2000 doctors, 6000 Nurses and 2000 Paramedics in one year
  1. Record Allocation Towards New Medical Colleges
  • Seven new medical colleges being constructed across Odisha.
  • An allocation of Rs. 562 Crores made towards it.
  • With the completion of these medical colleges, the entire undivided KBK region would be covered.


  1. Odisha Adarsh Vidyalaya
  • An allocation of Rs.400 crores has been provided.
  1. Gangadhar Meher Scholarships
  • An allocation of Rs.231 crores has been provided.
  • An allocation of Rs.220 crores has been provided.
  1. Allocation For Technology University, Engineering Colleges, ITIs
  • An allocation of Rs.199 crores has been provided.

Drinking Water

  1. Largest Allocation
  • A record allocation of Rs. 3250 crores have been provided. When totaled with DMF and other sources, it comes to about Rs.8000 Crores.
  1. Drink From Tap
  • An new initiative under 5-T for urban bodies
  • An allocation of Rs.100 Crores provided for 9 projects


  • State Government has allocated more than Rs.1800 Crores for Rural and Urban Housing which includes PMAY.

Social Programmes

  1. MAMATA Yojana
  • A record allocation of Rs. 305 crores have been provided.
  • An allocation of Rs. 1718 crores have been provided.
  1. Nutrition Budget
  • A record allocation of Rs. 5543 crores have been provided.
  1. Distress Migration
  • For reducing migration, under MNREGA an additional 100 days extra is being provided by the State along with an additional Rs.100 per day.
  • An allocation of Rs. 13,777 crores has been allocated
  • An allocation of Rs. 10,313 crores has been allocated
  • The allocation has been increased by five times to Rs. 164 crores

Transformation Through Infrastructural Development & Transport

  1. New Cities Development – A token of Rs. 50 crores has been provided. This would be enhanced and strengthened in the coming days
  2. Urban Development – An increase of 11% allocation totaling to Rs.6180 Crores have been provided for
  3. Works – A record allocation of Rs.6000 Crores has been provided towards improvement of 2000 kms of roads, 50 bridges and 5 ROBs
  4. Mukhya Mantri Sadak Yojana – An allocation of Rs.250 Crores.
  5. Biju Setu Yojana – An allocation of Rs.1000 Crores.
  6. Connecting the Unconnected Villages – An allocation of 71 crores.
  7. Urban Transport – Rs.52 crores for new Buses and Rs.77 crores for new Bus Stands.
  8. Railways – Rs.400 Crores provided for railway projects (apart from the free land which is provided by the Government of Odisha). Odisha is one of the very few states in the country to provide land free of cost for railway projects as well as bears 50% of the project cost.
  9. Air Connectivity – Striving for air connectivity with Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Singapore and Bangkok
  10. Emergency Response Support System of the Police on Telephone No. 112 – An allocation of Rs. 156 crores allocated for two years
  11. Soubhagya Yojana – An allocation of Rs.786 crores have been provided


  1. Industry Budget – Doubled from Rs. 237 crores to Rs. 575 crores, which is focused on world class industrial infrastructure development.
  2. Odisha has attracted 18% of the total investments of the country. This is the highest in the country. To continue the growth story, we have doubled investment in the infrastructure.
  3. Make in Odisha – An allocation of Rs.70 Crores
  4. MSME – A 30% increased allocation to a total of Rs.250 crores

Tourism & Forest

  1. Tourism Budget- Doubled from 190 Crores to 400 crores for developing world-class tourist infrastructure.
  2. Setting up of new State Directorate of Archaeology as Odisha is known for its number of iconic sites.
  3. Forest budget allocation doubled. Eco Tourism will be given special emphasis.
  4. Forest budgetary allocations – A record allocation of Rs.1960 crores from Rs. 902 crores as a thanks-giving by Hon’ble CM to the people of Odisha for increasing the forest cover of the State.


  1. When one Googles about the Sports Capital of India, Bhubaneswar comes up as the answer
  2. An allocation of Rs.301 Crore has been made
  3. As Hon’ble CM had said – “Investment in Sports is investment in Youth. Investment in Youth is investment in future”.
  4. Odisha won the Hockey World Cup 2023 bid after beating Australia, Singapore and Belgium.

Information Technology

  1. IT Budget has doubled.
  2. Digital connectivity to each GPs.

Other Major Departments

  1. Science and Technology Department – 42% increase in allocation
  2. Disaster Management – A huge budget of 3200 Crores
  3. Revenue Department – Rs. 1335 crore allocation

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