Odisha bags ‘State of the Year for the Promotion of Sports’ award


Mumbai: “Both in sports and politics, you need passion to succeed,” said Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik while receiving the “State of the Year for the Promotion of Sports” award for Odisha.

Addressing the Sportstar Aces Awards Ceremony held at Mumbai today, Patnaik said that in sports, passion to win a game will make you a winner. But the passion for the game will make you an icon. Similarly, in politics, passion for power will make you win elections while passion to serve will make you win people.

In a lighter note, Patnaik said, “Generally Ministers are used to giving away sports Awards. Today you must have surprised to see me getting one. Well, you see, politics is not very different from Sports. We have to run, duck, jump, catch, and sprint.”

“A competitive spirit is the hallmark of both disciplines. Without this spirit, great achievements are not possible.” Patnaik added.

Citing the conversion of kuchha houses to pucca houses, the Odisha CM said, “We decided that all the kuchha houses in Odisha should be converted to pucca houses. We used to construct five lakh houses in five years. The challenge was to construct about 20 lakh houses in five years. One of the main strategies that worked for us was to create competitive spirit amongst the districts.”

Next year, there’s going to be more competition, whoever wins or loses sports and sports development will be the winners, Patnaik said to N Ram at the event.

“I believe in investment in sports is an investment in youth and investment in youth is an investment in the future. If states start adopting one or two games, it will hugely benefit the sports ecosystem in the country. Only when states are involved, we can broaden the catchment for sports talent,” Patnaik said.

“We may not have to wait too long for the world to hear our National Anthem being played on the Olympics stage,” he added.

Concluding his speech, Patnaik thanked the Hindu and illustrious Jury of Sportstar Aces Awards for honouring Odisha with the “State of the Year for the Promotion of Sports”. Patnaik also dedicated the Startsports Award to the four and a half crore sports loving people of Odisha.

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