Nutritional And Health Benefits Of Sunflower Seeds 


New Delhi: Sunflower seeds are one such type of seed that is loaded with high-quality nutrients. They are rich in healthy fats, beneficial plant compounds, and several vitamins and minerals. Sunflower seeds can even help reduce inflammation, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. Here are some health benefits of sunflower seeds 

Reducing inflammation 

Sunflower seeds can reduce inflammation, which is responsible for several chronic diseases including heart diseases and type 2 diabetes. As per a study carried out on 6,000 adults, eating sunflower and other seeds at least five times a week lowered the level of C-reactive protein by 32 percent as compared to others. It is believed that the potential benefits of the seeds are basically due to the presence of vitamin E. 

May Reduce Risk Of Developing Heart Disease 

Sunflowers seeds contain a compound that can block an enzyme that causes blood vessels to constrict. This can lower down your blood pressure by relaxing the blood vessels and can also cut down the risk of stroke. The tiny seeds also contain magnesium that can reduce the pressure of blood against the wall of the arteries. 

Good For People Who Have Diabetes 

People who have diabetes always have to keep their blood sugar levels in check, and sunflowers seeds can even help in that. The tiny seeds have been tested to be effective in lowering the blood sugar level in several studies. Eating a handful of seeds daily may reduce fasting blood sugar by about 10 percent within six months. This happens basically due to the plant compound chlorogenic acid. 

Supporting The Immune System 

Sunflowers seeds contain zinc that is known to activate about 300 enzymes in the body and boost immunity. They also contain selenium and other vitamins, which can fight infection and boost immunity. Building internal immunity is important to protect oneself from chronic diseases. 

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