NRC will cover entire country, irrespective of religion: Home Minister


New Delhi: Home Minister Amit Shah on Wednesday announced that National Register of Citizens (NRC) exercise will cover the entire country.

The NRC will not discriminate between religion he said and added that all citizens will come under its purview. He said that the NRC is different from the Citizenship Amendment Bill.

Shah said in Parliament: “The NRC has no such provision which says that no other religion will be taken under NRC. All citizens of India, irrespective of religion, will figure in the NRC list. The NRC is different from Citizenship Amendment Bill”.

The Home Minister made it clear that those people whose names do not figure in the draft list have the right to go to the Tribunal.

Tribunals will be constituted across Assam, he said and added that if any person doesn’t have the money to approach Tribunal, then Assam government will bear the cost to hire a lawyer.


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