Now cows and buffaloes to get Aadhar


New Delhi: In a bizarre incident, just like citizens, now cows and buffaloes in India will also be assigned a 12 digit unique identification number.

The step will further ensure that the cattle are vaccinated on time and scientific intervention is made available for better breeding.

As per sources, the department has tasked technicians with affixing a tag with a 12 digit Aadhaar like number inside the ear of cows.

Around one lakh technicians have been provided with 50,000 tablets and their task is to affix a yellow colored polyurethane tag in the centre of the earlobe of the cattle with a tag applicator, sources said.

Notably, the central government aims to tag around 88 million cows and buffaloes in 2017 for which Rs 148 crore has been allocated.

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