Northern Alliance claims of killing 115 Taliban fighters


Kabul: Panjshir Province still remains a challenge for Taliban fighters. Meanwhile, the Taliban has claimed to have entered Panjshir and captured the Shutar district.

On the other hand, the Northern Alliance has claimed to have killed and captured a large number of Taliban fighters. A representative of the main anti-Taliban opposition group said Taliban forces clash with Northern Alliance fighters in the Panjshir Valley, north of the Afghan capital Kabul, killing 115 Taliban, and taking 35 more Taliban hostage.

Taking to microblogging website Twitter, the Northern Alliance claimed that 350 Talibani fighters had been killed. “So far from battle of Khavak last night, taliban has 350 casualties, more than 40 captured & prisoned. NRF got many new American vehicles, weapons & ammunitions as a trophy. Commanded Defense of Khavak,Commander Munib Amiri,” the tweet read.


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