North Korea tests underwater nuclear-capable attack drone


Pyongyang: Kim Jong Un-led North Korea has tested a nuclear capable underwater attack drone, intended to make sneak attacks in enemy waters. The underwater attack drone can generate a radioactive tsunami, as mentioned by its state media on Friday. North Korea also blamed the US and South Korea for escalating tensions in the region.

The drone cruised underwater at a depth of 80 to 150 metres (269-500ft) for over 59 hours during the test. It detonated in the waters off North Korea’s east coast on Thursday, its state news agency KCNA said,

The drone system has been called ‘Haeil’ or tsunami and can destroy naval striker groups and major ports by creating a super-scale radioactive wave through an underwater explosion. The drone can be towed by a surface ship for operation, and can be deployed at any coast or port.

It is still unclear if North Korea has developed nuclear warheads to fit on its smaller weapons.

The state media also confirmed that North Korea practiced tactical nuclear attack missions, as was earlier reported by South Korea. The cruise missiles with a test warhead flew 1,500-1,800 km, according to KCNA.

These tests come after South Korea and US launched their largest amphibious landing drills in years, involving a US amphibious assault ship, on Monday. The US ship, USS Makin Island, docked at a naval base in South Korea’s southeastern port city of Busan on Wednesday, carrying 10 F-35 stealth fighters.

South Korea and the US have said that the exercises are purely defensive.

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