North Korea calls for ‘glorification’ of Kim Jong-un’s era


Pyongyang: North Korea has called for praising the era of leader Kim Jong-un as a large-scale conference on carrying out a mass movement for the country’s development wrapped up, its state media said Monday.

The 5th Conference of the Frontrunners in the Three Revolutions, which kicked off in Pyongyang on Thursday, closed with the adoption of an appeal that calls for the glorification of “the great era of Kim Jong-un,” according to the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

The three-revolution movement is a mass movement devised under Kim Il-sung, the North’s late founder and grandfather of the current leader Kim Jong-un, to continue “the revolution in the realms of ideology, technology and culture even after the establishment of the socialist system.”

At the start of the conference, Kim sent a letter to the participants and called for strengthening the country’s self-reliance.

“It is the feelings and aspiration of all the Korean people who live in the glorious era and the solemn call of the revolution to transform and change the whole society in line with the revolutionary idea and will of the respected Comrade Kim Jong-un,” the KCNA said.

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