Nokia 5G phone coming to India market in 2020


Bengaluru: HMD’s 5G Nokia phone is likely to come to the Indian market in 2020 as 5G services are expected to begin next year in India.

Although some 5G smartphones are now available in the market, those are expensive. HMD Global is looking to bring affordable 5G Nokia phones to the market.

Popular 5G phones that currently exist from brands like Samsung and LG in the markets cost roughly around USD 1,000 (approx Rs 70,000). Even the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G, which comes from a brand known to make affordable flagships, costs between EUR 800 to EUR 900 (approx Rs 63,000 to Rs 70,000). So HMD Global is to launch a 5G flagship phone at half these prices.

If HMD Global releases a 5G phone at half the price of these competitors, it would make the new networking standard more accessible to many more people.

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