No Response Needed To An Entitled, Self-Important Gasbag



This retarded person seems to be on cheap cannabis. Pigs shriek in agony when they are sheared. A bum who has to imitate those poor, hapless animals to invite attention must be a vile sub-human. His shrill screams of protest draw their sounds from cheap market places, where ‘terms’ are coined to vent hate. One who has to borrow from the jargon of a known media-hater, and then doubly embellish it using its synonym, must possess extraordinary language skills!

This cipher wants to attain some ‘place value’, hitches a ride with a has-been, badmouths the good people of a peace-loving state in cahoots with his benefactor, breaks laws and assumes he has finally arrived. Anyone who has to sell his paid, prized education, bawdy pictures and foul punches to fish for likes and retweets is too harmless an insect to merit serious response. When the creature himself is so hideous, aesthetics and good sense would be obvious casualties. Alas, the privileged background, sense of entitlement and false airs will not be able to save the cipher in this land of justice.

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