No power-cuts this summer, says Energy Minister


Bhubaneswar: There is a good news for the people of the state with the recent announcement by GRIDCO towards less possibility of power cuts during this summer season.

Energy Minister Pranab Prakash Das made it very clear that the State has received normal rains during the current year which has resulted in adequate stock in the water reservoirs of the hydro-electricity projects.

The power banking facility of the State would export power to other States during January, February and March while it would take back 100 MW power in three months (April, May and June) to be utilized during any emergency situation in the summer.

The power distribution authorities are asked to get sufficient transformers and other equipments and get braced up for any kind of situation in the State.

As regards the tariff is concerned, the Minister clarified that it is decided in open forum according to Odisha Electricity Reform Act, 1995 and Electricity Act, 2003 by the OERC.

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