No Damage To Neelachakra Atop Puri Srimandir: ASI Official


Puri: The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) on Sunday said that the Neelachakra (blue wheel) atop the Shree Jagannath Temple in Puri has suffered no damage in Cyclone FANI.

Talking to the media persons here, ASI superintending archaeologist Arun Mallick said people speculated that the Neelachakra of Srimandir has been bent by the wind speed of Cyclone FANI but an assumption of such thing from the ground is erroneous.

He also informed that two engineers of ASI climbed atop the temple to examine the condition of the Neelachakra. However, they only found that the cement plaster around and under the Neelachakra has come off. “On the basis of their examination, we have decided to take up repair work very soon,” Mallick said.

Further informing about the repair works of five damaged sculptures of Srimandir, Mallick said, “Repair of the idols of two lions of the Baraha temple has been completed. Besides, a miniature sample of the Jagannath temple situated between the Bimala and Bhubaneswari temples has also been repaired.

The repair of the ‘Kalasa’ atop the Bhoga Mandap of the temple, which was damaged when the iron scaffolding fell on it, will be completed by Monday,” Mallick informed.

The ASI official also said that plasters in some parts of the temple, which had fallen off during the cyclonic storm, will be filled up by applying fresh plaster coating starting Monday.

When asked, whether the ASI would be able to complete repair work before Rath Yatra, Mallick claimed that the ASI had earlier completed all major repair works of Srimandir and it will hardly take another week to finish the remaining repair works.

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