No comeback for Rs.1000



New Delhi: The speculation on re-introduction of Rs.1000 note finally faded as the economic affairs secretary Shaktikanta Das revealed today that no such move has been planned yet.

Rather, the government is making efforts to overcome the cash deficiency evolved after demonetization, he said.

In his statement, Das requested the people to withdraw the exact amount from ATMs they actually require. Availability of cash and issue related to logistics are being addressed routinely, he assured.

Earlier, on November 8, 2016, Das had spoken regarding re-introduction of 1000 denomination notes and issuing new series of lower denomination notes with higher security initials.

Last week the finance ministry had said that they have adequate currency and ATMS are getting monitored frequently for resolving operational issues. The cash withdrawal limit for savings bank account holders has been enhanced to Rs.50, 000 per week from Rs.24, 000 per week.

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