NIT Rourkela Secures 101-150 Rank in Golden Age University Rankings 2019


Rourkela: NIT Rourkela has secured 101-150 rank in the ‘Times Higher Education Golden Age University Rankings 2019’. NITR has secured this rank according to its performance in Research, teaching, outreach, industry income, international outreach.

The Golden Age ranking applies the same methodology as the Times Higher Education World University Ranking (WUR). Institutions provide and sign off their institutional data for use in the rankings.

The rankings are generated from five areas, each of which represents a key area of higher education excellence. Among these, teaching carries a weightage of 25 per cent, while research and citations each carry the weight of 30 per cent, followed by international outreach and industry income carrying 7.5 per cent weightage each.

The universities in the Times Higher Education “Golden Age- ranking were established between 1945 and 1967. The ranking takes its name from what was a Golden Age in global higher education, characterised by rapid university expansion and increasing investment in research.

Because of the age of these universities (older than 50 years old but under 80), they fall outside the parameters of overall Young University Rankings that looks at institutions under 50 years of age. They make up a unique group of higher education institutions that have embedded academic practices but haven’t been around for hundreds of years.

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