Nine Reasons To Quit Caffeine Or Coffee

New Delhi: Billions of people worldwide drink coffee or some form of caffeine every day. Although caffeine is generally accepted as safe for consumption in moderation, there are some solid benefits to breaking the habit and quitting coffee, energy drinks, tea, soda, etc.

Here are some of the best reasons to stop drinking coffee or caffeine completely. There are many healthy alternatives to coffee that still contain caffeine. For example, I drink green tea regularly, which has a much lower amount of caffeine and can also be very good for you.

Anyway, here are the reasons to quit coffee:

1. Caffeine Can Reduce the Quality of Your Sleep

Obviously, we know caffeine is a natural stimulant for the brain, but this will have an effect on our sleeping patterns and the quality of sleep we get. Even if you don’t drink coffee before you go to sleep, it can still have affects the amount of solid sleep you get. Those who have stopped drinking caffeine have often seen improvements in the quality of sleep they get every night. In turn, this leaves them naturally more rested for the next day ahead.

This point on the reduced quality of sleep, combined with the next point really shows how detrimental caffeine can be to your energy levels.

2. After Time, Coffee Doesn’t Give You Any More Energy

Many of us drink coffee everyday because we need our extra boost of energy in the mornings to get us through the day. However, after time, our bodies build a tolerance to this, and we really don’t see any more energy benefits from drinking coffee every day. If you stop drinking coffee for a while and then have a cup of the stuff every now and again afterward, you’ll experience the energy-boosting benefits once again.

So for anyone who’s drinking coffee everyday purely because you think it’s giving you more energy, it’s most likely not having any real effect on your energy levels.

3. It’s Healthy to Beat the Addiction of Caffeine

Relying on any substance is a risky thing. Obviously, the worse the substance the more serious the issue is. Illegal drugs are clearly some of the worst possible cases of addiction. However, having an addiction to any substance is not healthy.

If you’re addicted to coffee, and you rely on it every single day, it’s not healthy. Beating any addiction will give you more freedom and power over yourself.

4. You Can Save A Lot of Money by Quitting Coffee

For most of the working world, in particular, those solo entrepreneurs reading this and living the laptop lifestyle, coffee can become an expensive habit.

Making a visit there every break or lunch you get quickly racks up. Drinking it at home is obviously less expensive, but most people prefer to drink out. So if you’re trying to keep an eye on your bills, maybe cut back on the daily trip to Starbucks.

5. Coffee Can Cause Tooth Decay and Staining

It actually only takes 1 cup of coffee a day to begin staining your teeth. This is also the same case for certain types of tea. Depending on where you get your coffee from, and how much sugar you put in it, coffee can also cause tooth decay. This is normally the case if you’re drinking flavored coffees and lattes from the likes of Starbucks.

6. No More Caffeine Shakes and Trembles

As caffeine is a natural stimulant and is regularly induced to give people more energy, it can give people the shakes if they consume too much. If you drink a lot of caffeine, and you often suffer from involuntary shaking or trembling of your hands, then it’s likely that you’re experiencing one of the many side effects of taking too much caffeine.

7. Caffeine Has an Effect on Your Mood

Coffee actually has an effect on your mood. For those who are used to drinking coffee very regularly, you can eventually become so consumed by it, that if you don’t have it at the time you’re used to, it makes you moody. Quitting caffeine will remove these fluctuations in your mood, which are being controlled by your addiction to coffee.

Don’t let substances and other influences affect your mood and your emotions, and the way you come across to people. They shouldn’t have any power of you.

8. Quitting Coffee Can Lower Your Blood Pressure

Caffeine can cause an increase in blood pressure. It may only cause an increase for a very short time, but the increase will be dramatic.

For anybody who’s blood pressure numbers are already high, drinking a lot of coffee could have serious consequences. However, quitting coffee can help reduce your blood pressure levels, and stop you from being at risk of any related diseases.

9. Caffeine Can Increase Your Anxiety Levels

It has been a proven fact that coffee often increases many people’s anxiety levels. This is due to the way caffeine increases the amount of adrenaline in your body. Deciding to quit caffeine completely can be a great solution for anyone suffering from anxiety, especially if they start to feel their anxiety levels rise.