Newly-wed woman tortured, ostracised over Coronavirus suspicion in Nabarangpur


Nabarangpur: A newly-wed woman was allegedly tortured by her in-laws in Umerkote Town of Nabarangpur district on suspicion of being infected by Coronavirus.

On the basis of a complaint by the victim, police have arrested her husband and father-in-law on charges of abusing, torturing and ostracising the woman after she was taken-ill and started coughing and sneezing.

According to reports, Aradhana Sarkar’s daughter Puja of UV-3 Murtamu village had tied the nuptial knot to Jayant Okila, son of Yuvraj Okila and a resident of Santoshi Nagar in Umerkote Town area on March 2nd this year.

During the marriage, Puja’s family had provided Rs 2.5 lakh cash, one motorcycle, gold ornaments worth Rs 5 lakhs and other household items as dowry. However, Puja’s in-laws were not satisfied with this and they asked Puja to bring Rs 2 lakh more from her parents.

But Puja out rightly refused to fulfill the unjust demand of her in-laws. Following this, she was subjected to mental and physical harassment by her husband and in-laws. As a result of repeated torture over more dowry, Puja was taken ill and started coughing and sneezing.

When her in-laws noticed Puja’s health condition, they suspected her to be affected by the deadly Coronavirus and ostracised her. She was left in a room alone and made to sleep on the floor.

Sources said that when Puja came to know that her in-laws were plotting to eliminate her, she tactfully made a pact with them and promised to get Rs 5 lakh more from her parents if she is allowed to go her parental house. Gripped by greed, the in-laws sent Puja to her parent’s house.

On reaching home, Puja narrated her ordeal before her parents and later lodged a written complaint with the Umerkote Police. Subsequently, the police launched a probe and arrested Puja’s husband and her father-in-law and produced them before the court.

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