New Traffic Fines: States reject harsh penalties


New Delhi: A number of states have decided to slash the penalties for traffic offenders in their respective jurisdictions on “humanitarian” grounds.

Most of the states, ironically, are BJP-ruled states.

The Vijay Rupani government of Gujarat was the first to reduce the fines prescribed under the amended Motor Vehicles Act. It brought down the penalties to 10% of the actual amount for violation of traffic regimen.

The other BJP-ruled states such as Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka followed suit and suggested that they would consider lowering penalties terming it as draconian and a burden on the people.

The states such as Madhya Pradesh, Kerala and Delhi which are ruled by opposition have also indicated at taking similar steps. The West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has rejected the new traffic regimen and made it clear that her people will not be forced to shell out such penalties.

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