New Species Of Trapdoor Spider “Idiops Nilagiri” Discovered In Odisha’s Balasore


Balasore: A new trapdoor spider species of the genus Idiops Perty, 1833 (Araneae, Mygalomorphae Idiopidae) has been discovered from Nilagiri Town in Odisha’s Balasore district.

As per reports, based on the area of its origination the new spider species have been named as “Idiops Nilagiri”.

The length of the Idiops Nilagiri is 8-13milimetre (mm). With the discovery of Idiops, trapdoor spider species number has increased to 95 in the world and 12 in India.

As per the latest data, the variety of spider is 48277  globally, including 1910 from India and 263 from Odisha. Moreover, in India, there are 33 species of spiders among which 116 belongs to Mygalomorphae genus. The life span of spiders belonging to the Mygalomorphae genus is up to 25 years.


The male trapdoor spider is small in size compared to the female ones. While the female spider lives in burrows in the ground, the male spider resides on the soil. However, during breeding, the male spider lives inside the burrows.

Trapdoor spider is active in the night and they collect food after sunset. Scientists have opined that due to the nocturnal behaviour of this spider species, special studies on their life have not been done till date.

“Idiops Nilagiri” has been discovered by Dr. Sanjay Keshari Das, Assistant Professor of Guru Gobind Singh University in Delhi, along with his Field Assistant Narayan Panda, Lab Scholar Dikshya and Ruhi. The discovery of the spider and its characteristics has been published in the Journal of Asia Pacific Biodiversity.

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