New signage beautify open space in seven city parks


Bhubaneswar: Seven major city parks under the Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA) have got a new look with magnificently designed signage.

The seven city parks with signage and way findings by BDA are Indira Gandhi Park, Biju Patnaik Park, Madhusudan Das Park, Buddha Jayanti Park, Kharavel Park, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Park and Mahatma Gandhi Park.

Signage and way findings had previously been executed in three smart parks in Smart City district. In simple terms, way findings are referred to the systems that are employed to help tourists and visitors orient their position and get to their desired location.

Once properly implemented, the signage will help the tourists determine where they are, designate the route they should take and reassure them that they are following the correct route.

The signage will help visitors navigate the course to their desired location while setting their minds at ease.

The map signage informs the visitors of all significant points of interest such as attractions, toilets, drinking water, and pathways. Entry signage will indicate entrances for both abled and specially-abled persons.

A comprehensive caution signage at each of the gate of the parks with dos and don’ts for the park premises is also added. Each point of interest has been provided with signage to indicate its presence.

The wayfinding are efforts of city planners and they have brought a new level of convenience to tourism by creating step-by-step guides to parks, points of interest and other “must-see” locations.

Not only have their wayfinding systems improved user experiences, but they have also allowed cities to brand themselves and promote their unique cultural landmarks. It also brought into attention, hidden attractions, such as the fountain and boat at Biju Patnaik Park, the amphitheatre at Buddha Jayanti Park, whale area in Madhusudan Das Park and many more spots previously scarcely visited.

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