New Policy: Twitter to Label, Remove ‘Deepfake’ Edited Photos, Videos


New Delhi: Twitter have announced that the company will begin to label and in some cases remove doctored or manipulated photos, audio and videos.

Twitter has introduced new rules that are aimed at stopping misinformation on the website. As part of the new rules, Twitter will label the photos and videos that have been altered as well as remove videos that can cause harm to people.

Twitter will start labelling tweets from March 5, 2020.

The company said it settled on a system that looks at content in three ways:

  • Was the video or photo “significantly” altered?
  • Was it shared “in a deceptive manner”?
  • Is it a threat to public safety, or could it cause user harm?

The labels can be expanded to show more information from “reputable sources” and will try to explain how the video was altered. This will apply to GIFs and memes that contain doctored content.

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