New Police Commissioner joins amid challenges on crime front


Bhubaneswar: Senior IPS officer Saumendra Priyadarshi will take charge as Twin City Police Commissioner on Tuesday. The 1995 batch IPS is regarded as a sincere officer.

Reports suggest that the new CP will face a number of challenges as the crime rate in the Capital city is on the rise. The number of slums in the city is also rising by the day, so also drug trafficking and dacoity.

Priyadarshi has to do his best to focus on the areas underlined below to make the capital region crime-free.

Optimum use of CCTV:

The CCTV cameras installed across the city roads, lanes and bylanes are not functioning properly. This is helping the criminals as they could freely move around the city after perpetrating violence.

Priyadarshi has to give more importance to the effective functioning of CCTVs as these systems will help the police to nail down the criminals by clues from the footage. CCTVs have become essential with the growth of the population in Bhubaneswar.

Focus on Slums:

The slums in the Capital City have become a paradise for criminals as they regard these as safe haven for them. Therefore, the Commissionerate Police have to be more vigilant on the matter. The police must build a rapport with the slum dwellers to contain such illegal activities. The rapport will be extremely helpful for the Commissionerate Police to nab the criminals who could give a slip to them after committing crimes.

Drug Trafficking:

The Commissionerate Police have to take special measures for containing the crime relating to brown sugar and other contraband. There are reports that drug peddling is on the rise in the slum regions in the Capital city. Dreaded criminals are reportedly engaged in the illegal trade and they earn huge money from this business. The Commissionerate Police must put an end to the practice or else it will be virtually impossible for the police organization to bring down the crime rate. The bootleggers have to be contained also and the hooch trade is at the zenith in the Capital city and this trade is going on freely.

Women safety:

The womenfolks in the twin cities of Bhubaneswar and Cuttack are now exposed to criminals as a number of cases have been registered at different police stations in this regard. They are targeted by criminals who attack them in broad daylight to loot the valuables from them. Reports said the working women have mostly become vulnerable to this phenomenon. Therefore, Priyadarshi has to provide more attention to this nagging problem in order to get rid of the problem.

Traffic Issue:

The traffic issue has to be tackled at any cost as the burgeoning population of the Capital City as has become dangerous for the common man. Rash driving has become the order of the day and parking vehicles on busy streets have become a fashion for the city-bred populace. The new Police Commissioner has tackled the situation with priority. The situation in Mancheswar Industrial estate has worsened gradually as commuters hardly get space to negotiate between the parked vehicles on the streets. Such man-made traffic bottlenecks has to be done away with immediately for smooth commuting.

Protection to Senior Citizens:

This is another challenge for the City Police Commissioner in view of ever-increasing threats to senior citizens in the city. Reports said most of the senior citizens have become targets for the criminals as they can easily overpower them while looting them on the streets or at home. The Commissionerate Police has to assure the senior citizens of the city that they are safe under the new incumbent.




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