New Bangtan video: BTS’ Kim Seokjin aka Jin makes a promise, Jungkook’s puffy eyes, endless head pats


Seoul: Bangtan TV has released a video where BTS ARMY finally got to see the emotions of the boys as they bid Jin aka Kim Seokjin good-bye for his military training.

Jin aka Kim Seokjin gets endless hugs and head pats from the members. He is heard saying that he will focus on staying healthy when he is in the military. He hopes that ARMY too takes good care of their health in the mean time. He said he would be careful to not get hurt when he is training.

In the mean time, a bulletin came out from the Korean military academy which praised Kim Seokjin aka Jin’s manly posture and resolute determination as he walked into the premises. Kim Seokjin aka Jin is the first to go to the military. RM says his brothers will follow soon. ARMY has noticed how Jungkook and Jimin have puffy eyes. It seems like they cried a lot.

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