Netizens Resort To Hilarious Responses To Elon Musk’s Tesla Job Ad On Twitter


New York: SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently posted a job advertisement on Twitter and internet users could not help but troll the billionaire.

A day after reports emerged of sexual harassment allegations against Elon Musk – which he denounced as “utterly untrue” – the Tesla chief tweeted that his car company would be setting up a “hardcore litigation department” to “directly initiate and execute lawsuits” – with the team reporting directly to him.

In a Twitter threat, Mr Musk wrote, “My commitment: we will never seek victory in a just case against us, even if we will probably win [and] we will never surrender/settle an unjust case against us, even if we will probably lose.” He went on to add that he was “looking for hardcore streetfighters, not white-shoe lawyers”, and that “there will be blood”.

In response, Twitter users decided to have some fun as some users mocked Mr Musk for finding the finest legal minds in the world on social media, while others pitched hilarious points, just as the Tesla chief had asked.


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