Netflix Special: ‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 4 Is Here


New York: It’s almost time to say goodbye to Never Have I Ever and our favourite chaotic teen icon, Devi Vishwakumar. Never Have I Ever season 4 is on Netflix on June 8th at midnight PST (Pacific Time).

For one last time, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan is set to return as Devi in the final season of Netflix’s teen series alongside the rest of the brilliant cast. Season 4 is set to follow Devi’s final year in high school before she sets off for college, as well as giving viewers one last wild ride with Devi’s love life.

Season 4 will see Devi deal with her relationship with Ben (Jaren Lewison), her newfound feelings for Ethan (Michael Cimino), and Paxton’s surprising return to Sherman Oaks High.

Season 3 concluded with Devi knocking on the door of enemy-turned-lover-turned-friend Ben Gross (Jaren Lewison), holding a note he once handed her as a farce in disguise, which offers “one free boink.” There wasn’t much doubt, right then, that Devi was about to lose her virginity to Ben. But the first episode of Season 4 opens with the two of them in bed, wide-eyed and awkward.

Then there’s Paxton (Darren Barnet), whose return to his old school on the teaching side of things after college isn’t what he thought it would be.

Never Have I Ever allows its characters to find growth, experience change, and make necessary adjustments as life goes on.

It’s no surprise that this is a bittersweet goodbye for fans. But Season 4 stands out as a stellar conclusion. With just 10 episodes to wrap things up, there was a serious chance some characters and plotlines wouldn’t be resolved. The creators manage to carry out a largely satisfying ending, mirroring that of a romantic comedy.

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