Netflix shares music video of Miley Cyrus-starrer “On a Roll”


New York: Netflix has shared the music video of “On a Roll”, the song that featured in the Miley Cyrus-starrer episode of the hit show Black Mirror.

“On a Roll” is actually a reworking of the 1989 Nine Inch Nails hit “Head Like a Hole.”

Featured in season five episode Rachel, Jack And Ashley Too, the track is a pop re-imagining of Nine Inch Nails song Head Like A Hole, which was officially approved by Trent Reznor himself. Series creator Charlie Brooker had to secure clearance from NIN’s Trent Reznor before adjusting the lyrics.


In the episode, Miley Cyrus plays fictional pop star Ashley O, whose brain is replicated into a robot product for the masses, with clips from the track played throughout.

Ashley O’s latest merch is an Alexa-like companion robot called Ashley Too, which teenager Rachel and her sister Jack interact with. A relatively lighter episode, with a caper-like plot-line involving a rat van, it explores what technology can do in the music industry.

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