Neeraj Chopra Suffers From High Fever, Leaves Welcome Ceremony In Panipat Midway


New Delhi: Tokyo Olympics 2020 golden boy Neeraj Chopra, who has become a sensation for every young athletes, had to leave a ceremony in Panipat midway due to a high fever on Tuesday.

Chopra had fever when he joined the rest of the Indian contingent at Independence Day but he had tested negative for Covid-19 a few days back.

At the ceremony in Panipat, Chopra got down from the stage due to fever. The ceremony was also cut short due to heatwave.

Neeraj’s friends and family confirmed to that he was looking uncomfortable during the ceremony as he attended a car rally from Delhi to Panipat which took more than six hours.

The heat seems to have taken a toll on Neeraj who had also been taking medicines. Meanwhile, Neeraj was taken to an undisclosed location for rest.

Reportedly, since Chopra’s arrival from Tokyo Olympics 2020, he has been the center of attraction and has been attending several felicitation ceremonies in different parts of the country.

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