NDA will form next govt at Centre with over 300 seats: Amit Shah


New Delhi: BJP national president Amit Shah has expressed confidence that NDA will form the next Government at the Centre with over 300 seats.

Briefing media at the party headquarters in New Delhi today, Shah said, “133 schemes of the Narendra Modi-led government has touched every section of the society in the country whether it is poor, farmers, women, villages or city.

The government has enhanced the respect of the country all over the world and India has become a power centre in the globe, he further said.

The BJP chief said that after a long time, the people of the country have seen a general election where inflation and corruption issues were missing. He also added that the Prime Minister addressed 142 public meetings in this election and has done four road shows.

“We’ll perform well in North-East, very good in West Bengal. We’ll do good in Odisha & there will be an improvement in the number of seats in all the states in the South. We’ll improve in Maharashtra also, Shah added.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was present at the Press conference, said that he believes that it is India’s responsibility to take the power of this democracy to the world. Mr Modi said, the election was spectacular and held in a positive manner.

The Prime Minister said during his campaigning he thanked the countrymen for their blessings for the last five years. He expressed confidence that his government will come to power with an absolute majority for second consecutive time.

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