NBA Academy India beat NBA Academy China 65-61


The NBA Academy India ended their campaign at NBA Academy Games in Atlanta on a winning note with a 65-61 win over the NBA Academy China.

After a competitive first quarter, the NBA Academy India showed more intent as 11 offensive rebounds in the quarter helped them to overcome a three-points deficit from first to end the second leading by four. At half-time, the scorecard read 31-27 in favour of the NBA Academy India. Riding on the momentum, The NBA Academy India extended their lead by 11 points at the end of third quarter (48-37).

In the fourth quarter, the NBA Academy China made a spirited comeback making it a one-point game with less than two minutes on the clock. But a timely steal by Pranav Prince resulted in a scoring opportunity which Amaan Sandhu didn’t miss making it 63-60 for the NBA Academy India. Again the same duo combined to give the NBA Academy India a four-point lead with 20 seconds on the clock.

Eventually, the NBA Academy India eked out a 65-61 win over the NBA Academy China finishing seventh in the table. Amaan Sandhu scored a team-high 15 points with 10 rebounds. Harshwardhan Tomar added 12 points while Pranav Prince turned in 10.

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