Naveen returns from Delhi: 8 points from what he said to media


Bhubaneswar: As soon as Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik reached Bhubaneswar from his five day long Delhi visit today, the media hurled questions one after another regarding the various speculations about BJD getting weaker, the column by party MP Bhartruhari Mahtab, joining hands with JDU and TMC to back a candidate in the Presidential elections and so on.

The transformed Naveen, who now answers every single question posed by the media, calmly and patiently answered each and even retorted when it came to the party unity.

Here are 10 points from his replies to questions from media at Naveen Niwas today:

  1. When the media asked him about Mahatab’s column: “I haven’t gone through the article as yet. Let me read it then we will see what has to be said.”
  2. When asked about the cracks in the party: “There is no crack in the party! Where is the crack?”
  3. On the party getting ‘weaker’: “Who says the party is going weaker? I don’t think its going weaker at all! Where is it weaker?”
  4. The CM said BJD is the biggest in Odisha: “We are the largest party in the state. We have been winning four terms in a row.”
  5. On infighting: “Where is the infighting?”
  6. When asked if he paid a visit to former PM Atal Bihari Vajpeyee to form alliance with BJP: “That is absolutely false. I heard Mr Vajepeyee was not feeling well. So I paid a courtesy visit.”
  7. About joining hands with JDU to back Presidential candidate: “There are no plans yet. There were no discussions in Delhi as far as I am concerned.”
  8. On Sukma Mao attack: “It is very tragic. We will wait for the invitation for the May 8 meeting from the Home Minister on this.”

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