Naveen Announces Livelihood Support Package For Persons Affected By Cyclone ‘Bulbul’


Bhubaneswar: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik today announced a package for livelihood support of the persons affected by the cyclonic storm ‘Bulbul’.

Very severe cyclonic storm (BULBUL) has caused severe damage to the standing paddy and other agriculture/ horticulture crops thereby adversely affecting the farmers in the affected coastal districts. Paddy is worse affected since the crop was at flowering, milking, panicle emerging, early maturity and maturity stage. The livelihood of people depending upon animal husbandry, fisheries, and other sectors have also been affected.

To ameliorate the suffering of the affected people, the State Government have decided to implement the following package:

Agriculture Sector:

  • Agriculture input subsidy will be provided to the small and marginal farmers who have sustained crop loss of 33% and above @Rs. 6,800/- per hectare of land in rainfed/non irrigated areas, Rs.13,500/- per hectare of land in areas under assured irrigation, and Rs.18,000/- per hectare for all types of perennial crops. Perennial crops will include mango, cashew, coconut, betel vine, etc. The assistance shall be provided to the actual cultivators.
  • Agricultural input subsidy to any affected farmer shall not be less than Rs.2,000/- for perennial crops and Rs.1,000/- for other crops.
  • 50,000 seed mini kits of Pulses and Oilseeds shall be supplied to the affected farmers during Rabi 2019-20.
  • 45,000 acres of demonstration programmes of different crops will be taken up in affected districts in the Rabi season.
  • 3,000 Sprayers will be made available to the affected farmers in the cyclone-affected areas at a subsidy of 50% limited to maximum of Rs.3800/- for battery operated sprayers and Rs.750/- for hand-operated sprayers.
  • 10,000 nos. of Vegetable Minikits shall be supplied to the affected farmers during Rabi 2019-20.
  • An incentive of Rs.15,000 per farmer will be provided to 30 units for repair and renovation of Betel Vine cultivation (Pan Baraja).
  • Rs.40,000/Unit will be provided for repair and renovation of Shade Net / thatched structure for the restoration of Mushroom Units to 50 units.
  • Immediate steps will be taken to arrange and distribute quality seeds and other inputs in sufficient quantity for the Rabi season.
  • Expeditious steps will be taken to conduct crop cutting experiments to settle the claims of the affected insured farmers under crop insurance scheme, PMFBY, with risks of localized calamity and mid-season adversity as per revised Operational Guideline of the scheme.

Farm Credit:

  • Short Term Rabi Loans advanced in the affected areas during Rabi 2019 having crop loss of 33°k and above shall be converted into Medium Term (Conversion) Loans.

Animal Resources Development Sector:

  • 1Assistance to farmers for replacement of animals – Assistance shall be provided towards loss of animals @Rs.30,000/- per milch cow and buffalo, Rs.25,000/- per draught animal (up to 3 animals), Rs.16,000/- per calf (up to 6 animals), Rs.3,000/- per goat/ sheep (up to 30 animals), Rs.50/- per poultry bird (maximum Rs.5,000/-).

Fisheries sector

  • Assistance to the Fishermen for loss/ damage of Boat & Net: Financial assistance @ Rs.4,100/- for repair of partially damaged boats, Rs.2,100/- for repair of partially damaged net, Rs.9,600/- for replacement of fully damaged boat and Rs,2,600/- for replacement of fully damaged net will be provided to the affected fishermen.
  • Assistance for the repair of Fish Farms/ Fish Seed Farms: Financial assistance of Rs.12,200/- per ha. shall be provided for de-silting, restoration of fish farms. Input subsidy @Rs.8,200/- per ha. shall be provided for damaged fish seed farms.

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik today reviewed the damages caused by Cyclone Bulbul through video conferencing with collectors of six districts in presence of Chief Secretary Asit Tripathy & SRC at Lok Seva Bhawan. Patnaik had conducted an aerial survey of the affected districts earlier in the day.

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