National Highways crossing through Deogarh dist turn death trap


Deogarh: Road woes continue to trouble commuters in Deogarh district as several spots along the four National Highways crossing through the district has turned into an accident-prone zone.

While the roadways portray the image of a death trap, the authorities concerned have turned a blind eye to the issue. Lack of maintenance of the road is causing problems for commuters. The condition deteriorates after a mild spell of rain, locals alleged.

Craters dotted on the entire stretch of motorways from Barakot, Bahadaposhi, Deogarh, Bhalumunda, Baniakilinda, Kalamati, Rajamunda, Purunagada to Tileibani area of Sambalpur.

Reportedly, the deteriorated condition of Kolkata-Mumbai NH 9, Kanakatura-Chandikhol NH 53, Barakot-Ranchi NH 23 and roads on Ranchi-Vijayawada corridor is the result of alleged negligence by the authorities of National Highway Authority of India (NHAI).

Similarly, the construction work of the four-lane National Highway 49 going through Tileibani-Binjabahala is yet to be completed due to the inefficiency and negligence of the concerned contractors.

The rainwater-filled potholes and craters on these stretches have turned a nightmare for travellers. While the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) is supposed to maintain the National Highway, equal apathy and laxity are evident.

In the absence of any tangible work in these areas post-monsoon rains, vehicles are getting tilted, breaking down, losing balance and becoming prone to accidents. Locals living in those areas have already reported several mishaps because of bad road conditions.

Resentment has been brewing long among commuters and locals of these areas as they are expecting the district administration to act fast regarding the issues and take actions in this regard.

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