NASA Targeting November 14 For Next Launch Of Artemis I


NASA is targeting November 14 for the next launch attempt of the Artemis I, the first uncrewed flight of the Artemis Moon Mission, which will provide a foundation for human deep space exploration.

The 69-minute launch window on the targeted date will open at 12:07 am EST (9:37 pm IST).

The space agency has requested back-up launch opportunities for November 16, at 1:04 am EST (10:34 am IST) and November 19, at 1:45 am EST (11:15 am IST). On both days, the launch windows will last two hours.

The first launch attempt of Artemis I on August 29 was scrubbed due to technical issues with the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket. After this, the Artemis I mission was postponed several times. The uncrewed flight test was also delayed due to Hurricane Ian, the deadliest hurricane to strike the state of Florida since the 1935 Labor Day hurricane.

Artemis teams have confirmed that minimal work is required to prepare the SLS rocket and the Orion spacecraft to roll out to Launch Pad 39B at Kennedy Space Center, Florida, NASA said in a mission update. The SLS rocket and the Orion spacecraft were rolled back to the Vehicle Assembly Building due to Hurricane Ian. NASA plans to roll the SLS rocket back to the launch pad as early as November 4.

If Artemis I is launched on November 14, it would result in a mission duration of about 25-and-a-half days. Then, the Orion spacecraft will splashdown in the Pacific Ocean on December 9.

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