NASA Reports 130-Feet Asteroid To Fly By Earth Today

Washington: On July 10, 2024, a massive asteroid, roughly the size of an aeroplane, is heading towards Earth alongside some comets, prompting concerns from NASA scientists. This near approach has raised potential risks, leading NASA to closely monitor the situation.

NASA has issued a warning about the impending event involving the 130-foot asteroid named 2024 ME 1. According to NASA’s analysis, the asteroid is expected to pass within 2.7 miles of Earth. This asteroid, named after the archetype object 121 Amor, falls under the category of near-Earth objects (NEOs), meaning its orbit brings it into proximity to Earth.

While it’s not classified as a “potentially hazardous object” and does not pose an immediate threat, NASA is continually evaluating the potential risks associated with this asteroid.

Despite the asteroid’s high speed of 30,217 KMPH as it approaches our planet, there is no risk of impact. Nevertheless, continuous tracking is essential to ensure the asteroid safely passes by Earth. Based on current assessments, the asteroid is not projected to make a close approach to Earth for at least the next 100 years.

The Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) plays a critical role in analyzing and understanding the potential orbits of asteroids, enabling a comprehensive understanding of the associated risks and facilitating the development of necessary mitigation strategies. In the event of a reported risk, NASA will lead a multi-step process to confirm the threat and plan appropriate measures to address it.

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