Nandankanan chimps’ love, care for their off springs will leave you amazed! [WATCH]


Barang:  Alike to human beings animals share a strong parenthood bond with their offsprings. Undoubtedly they love their children, care for them, feed them and protect them even at the cost of their own lives.

Well, this statement may sound bogus unless one sees it in his/her own eyes. On Saturday evening at Nandankanan Zoological Park in Bhubaneswar, an extremely touching act of a chimpanzee (a.ka. ape) family was witnessed by few tourists that left everyone unspoken and surprising.

Even though they can’t speak but their love for their children is unconditional. The entire act was recorded on camers, which purportedly showed how the chimpanzee couple fought with an ‘intruder’ mongoose to protect their children.

After seeing the video one may draw the conclusion that the couple was trying to shoo away the mongoose from their living place so that it can’t harm their children. The most important point that can be learned from the video is that the mother chimpanzee is also making efforts to teach her children the skills of self-reliant. Through this fight with a stranger, she is teaching her children to be strong and to deal fearlessly with every uneven situation in life.

According to reports, one male ape (Julu), his partner (Pampeta) and their children Durga, Purnima and grandchildren Laxmi were sitting at their living area inside the zoo. Suddenly, a mongoose entered their living arena.

After spotting the little animal, Durga and Laxmi got frightened and climbed up on their mother’s back. At first, Purnima chased the mongoose and tried to drive it away.

Sensing that the animal may cause harm to her children, Pampeta began to chase the mongoose. Julu who was sitting at a corner and was closely observing the fight could not resist helping his partner and daughter and joined. Since the mongoose moving speed is more than the apes, it was not an easy task for the apes to catch it.

After some time the apes began to attack the mongoose. But , the mongoose too did not remain silent and tried its level best to fight the hostile situation.

Being alone the mongoose could not fight more with the apes and became tired. At 5 PM, the zoo staff came to take the animals to their den and rescued the mongoose. It was released in the forest later.

Several tourists who had come from different parts across the country, thoroughly enjoyed the animals play. It was a wonderful and learning experience for the eyewitnesses.

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