Nagarjuna Besha: Preparations For Rare Avatar Of Lord Jagannath In Last Stages

Puri: The Nagarjuna Besha of Lord Jagannath will be observed after 25 years on the 12th day of the holy month of Kartik, on November 27.

Sculptors and artisans are in the last stage of preparation.

As the Panchuka during Kartik month will be observed for six days in 2020 instead of five days, Lord Jagannath, along with his sibling Lord Balabhadra and Goddess Subhadra will appear in Nagarjuna Besha on an additional day.

The last Nagarjuna Besha of the three deities was held in 1994.

The deities will be dressed like warriors with golden attire of several weapons including arrows, bows, Hala (plough), Chakra (wheel) and Musala (mace).

As per mythology, historians say the besha is celebrated commemorate the killing of Sahashrarjuna by Parsuram, the warrior incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

With winter season and Covid pandemic restrictions still in place.