NABARD Launches “Stall in Mall” Exhibition at Esplanade Mall


Keeping in view the beginning of the festive season, NABARD, Odisha Regional Office has launched today on 02 October 2022 coinciding with the Gandhi Jayanti a 3 month-long exhibition “Stall in Mall” in the Esplanade Mall at Rasulgarh, Bhubaneswar.

An exclusive counter is being sponsored in Esplanade Mall for a period of three months now onwards.

Artisans and weavers of Odisha and other parts of the country where NABARD has supported them for production, design development, etc are being invited to participate in this 3 month-long stall in mall exhibition.

For these artisans and weavers, it will be a rare opportunity to showcase their products in a commercial mall and also reap the benefits of better sales directly and through orders.

Handlooms and Handicrafts occupy a major share in supporting a large number of livelihoods in the rural economy. To upkeep the tradition, integrate the weavers and artisans, and provide training, design development, credit, etc, NABARD has been supporting for setting up of Off-Farm Producer Organisations (OFPOs) across the country.

Odisha has a beautiful tradition of handlooms and handicrafts providing livelihood to a large number of rural artisans and weavers. Most of these artisans and weavers find it hard to market their products directly to consumers. NABARD has been supporting various types of marketing interventions for both handloom and handicraft-dependent artisans.

NABARD expects all to support this endeavour in promoting direct marketing opportunities to our traditional craftsmen and weavers.

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