Mutant Covid strain creates chaos, confusion in Europe


Brussels: Mutant Covid strain has created chaos and confusion in Europe even as EU ambassadors are to meet on Tuesday to try to find out solution to the issue.

Reports said Europe scrambled on Monday to thrash out a coordinated response to a new strain of the coronavirus which has prompted an international suspension of travel links with UK.

Over two dozen countries from India to Argentina suspended flights from UK, offering a bleak reminder that the pandemic is far from over.

The World Health Organization has clarified that the situation was not “out of control” immediately after the British minister used those exact words to describe the new variant.

Health experts said the new variant is 70 percent more transmissible.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson held a crisis meeting after France announced a 48-hour blockade on both people and freight.

Yet Johnson insisted that supply chains were “strong and robust”, with delays hitting only a “small percentage of food entering the UK”. UK has already begun to roll out the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.


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