Mumbai: Man Run Over By Train While Attempting To Save Commuters


Mumbai: A 50-year-old man was died while trying to save others on railway tracks between Sion and Matunga railway station in Mumbai.

Mohammad Altaf, a resident of Bandra and tailor by profession, was on his way to Dadar when the train he was travelling in halted between Matunga and Sion railway stations. There was a fault in the engine of Hyderabad Mumbai express which stopped at Dadar station due to which trains were stopped at Sion and Matunga.

People started getting off the train and started walking on the railway tracks. Altaf was also one of them. He tried warning several people on the tracks to not walk on them but on the areas besides the tracks when he was hit by a Kalyan bound local train.

People alerted the railway control room about his injury following which head constable Iqbal Sheikh, the station master of Matunga railway station and helpers reached the spot with a stretcher.

Altaf was able to talk then and complained of severe pain in his hand suspecting it could be a fracture. He told the constable his age and was rushed to Sion hospital at 1:45 pm. Altaf was taken to the ICU as he complained of severe pain in his stomach and chest.

By 3:45 pm, doctors declared Altaf dead. The reason behind his death was stated to be severe internal injuries that he had suffered in the accident. His internal organs like liver had been damaged in addition to excessive internal bleeding. The father of nine children, Altaf was the only breadwinner in his family.

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