Mohammed Shami Is An Outstanding Bowler: Ian Bishop

In a recent interview with ESPNCricinfo, former West Indies cricketer Ian Bishop commended Indian fast bowler Mohammed Shami for his exceptional performance in TATA IPL 2023 and praised his ability to take wickets during the powerplay overs.

Bishop highlighted the significance of early breakthroughs in comparison to wickets taken towards the end of an innings, emphasizing Shami’s effectiveness in getting crucial dismissals upfront.

He further drew parallels between Shami’s bowling style and the successful spells by fellow Indian pacers Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Mohammed Siraj, emphasizing Shami’s ability to consistently bowl a challenging line and length with a hint of movement. Bishop hailed Shami’s contributions in breaking the opposition’s run chase and hailed him as an outstanding bowler, particularly in recent seasons.

Speaking exclusively to ESPNCricinfo, former West Indies cricketer Ian Bishop said “He’s got 15 powerplay wickets. It tells you the value of wickets up front versus wickets at the back end. And you look at Bhuvi (Bhuvaneshwar Kumar), and no fault of Bhuvi’s, Bhuvi was excellent with 4 wickets in the back end, but Shami bowls a test length, a test line and length, very well, which is what Siraj, when he’s been at his best this season has been able to bowl. Tight on the off-stump and a little bit of that away movement from that brilliant seam position and at a good pace. It seems to hustle off the wicket more than a lot of guys. So great credit, he broke the back of that run chase up front and he’s just an outstanding bowler, particularly in the last three, four seasons.”

Watch the video here: Bishop lauds Shami’s powerplay impact

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