Modi Violated Poll Code By Holding Roadshow On Poll Day, Alleges Congress


Ahmedabad: The Congress on Monday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of violating the model code by taking out a roadshow before casting his vote in the second phase of polling in Gujarat and alleged that the Election Commission is “afraid” and is “under pressure” not to act against him.

Congress head of media and publicity Pawan Khera said the Congress has seen that over the last several weeks, inaction on the part of the Election Commission is evident from the watchdog of our democracy, the watchdog of our elections.

“We have been making representations to the Election Commission at various levels. Every second or third day we have made some representations or the other in Gujarat, in Delhi, but, I am afraid the Election Commission looks like it is willingly under pressure,” he told reporters.

The Congress leader said the party is deliberating on taking necessary legal measures on the issue.

Khera said the value of the vote of the prime minister or that of any common man is the same. “But how is it that the PM holds a roadshow for 2.5 hours when he goes to vote,” he said.

“What are the compulsions of the Election Commission that it cannot see any violations by the prime minister,” he said.

He said in the second and the last round of polling in Gujarat, Prime Minister Modi while voting in Ahmedabad decided to do a roadshow of two and half hours which was covered live by all channels free of cost.

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