Modi is weak, scared of China: Rahul Gandhi


New Delhi: Congress chief Rahul Gandhi on Thursday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi was scared of President Xi Jinping after China blocked move on JeM terrorist.

Gandhi said on Twitter: “Weak Modi is scared of Xi. Not a word comes out of his mouth when China acts against India. NoMo’s China diplomacy: 1. Swing with Xi in Gujarat. 2. Hug Xi in Delhi. 3. Bow to Xi in China.”

Chief spokesperson of Congress Randeep Surjewala said it was a sad day in the global fight against terrorism.

The foreign policy has been a series of diplomatic disasters, the party spokesperson said.

The Congress has also been attacking BJP over Azhar’s release in the Kandahar hijacking case. Gandhi has asked Modi to tell the nation that it was a BJP-led government which released Azhar from an Indian jail in 1999.

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