Modi govt’s new mega mission- to link 1 billion UIDs with 1 billion bank A/Cs with 1 billion mobiles


New Delhi: Backed by Moody’s rating upgrade and 30-spot rise in ‘ease of doing business’, the government is mulling over a plan to next come up with “1 billion-1 billion-1 billion” connectivity vision.

According to sources, the program aims at linking one billion bank accounts to one billion Aadhaar numbers and one billion mobiles.

The target follows the success of demonetization in bringing about a substantial Rs 6 lakh crore reduction in value of high-value notes that would have been in circulation and a rising trend of bank accounts and digital payments.

Moody`s Investor Services on Friday lifted the Government of India`s local and foreign currency debt ratings to Baa2 from Baa3.

The rating agency said that the reforms will improve the business climate in the country and raise productivity.

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