Mobile phone ban to ensure discipline in classroom: Minister Ananta Das


Bhubaneswar: The Higher Education Minister Ananta Das today said discussion over prohibition on mobile phones in educational institutions is underway and a decision will be made shortly.

“No such decision has been made yet to ban cell phones in educational institutions. Several teaching staff associations had come up with the proposal, however the discussion is on over to what extent this can be possible in the state”, said Das.

“The use of mobile phones in school premises and classrooms creates disturbance and distracts the learning atmosphere. It is teachers’ duty to avoid usage of mobile phones in classrooms and during evaluation of answer sheets”, Das said.

Turning off mobile phones during class is not a permanent alternative solution, he added.

Responding to the question of whether the students would face problem in learning with the ban on mobile phones, Das said the move is only meant to ensure discipline and healthy study atmosphere in the classrooms.

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