Mob Lynches Tourist, Burns Him Alive Over Blasphemy Allegations in Pakistan

In the Swat region of Pakistan, a mob brutally lynched a man, accusing him of desecrating the Quran inside the Madyan police station.

The victim, a tourist from Sialkot, was burned alive by an enraged crowd on Thursday, as captured in a widely circulated video on social media. Although the suspect’s identity remains unconfirmed, media reports suggest he was a tourist staying at a local hotel.

As per a local media report, some men in a local market alleged blasphemy against the person. Subsequently, a crowd apprehended him and handed him over to the police. However, tensions escalated as announcements from mosques in Madyan further incited anger, mobilizing people toward the police station.

Witnesses said that the mob demanded the police to hand over the suspect. When the police refused, the mob forcibly entered the station and dragged him out of the station while thrashing him. Police officers fled for their safety, and backups were called in to manage the chaotic situation. Tragically, the mob burned the man alive and set on fire to the police station with the police vehicle.

Taha Siddiqui, a Pakistani journalist living in exile, shared the disturbing footage on X, commenting, “In this video now viral on social media, a Pakistani man can be seen burnt alive by a mob in #Swat Valley over #blasphemy allegations. The larger mob surrounding the body can be seen using cameras with flashlight to film the lynching. Welcome to #Pakistan – the Islamic republic.”

This incident is second to a similar violent event in a month in Pakistan’s eastern Punjab province, where a mob attacked a 72-year-old Christian man, Nazir Masih, on charges of Quran desecration.

The tragedy underscores the volatile nature of blasphemy accusations in Pakistan, often leading to mob violence and devastating loss of life.

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